About Me


Tim Richardson is dedicated IT professional with 18+ years combined experience as a leader, architect, developer and support technician in the higher education, casino and automotive industries. Specializes in designing and building solutions from the ground up to support an organization’s objectives, managing solution life cycles from conceptualization thru operationalization, while acting as a mentor and coach to support individuals’ professional development.

Leadership Profile

An ethical and empathetic leader, who as a role model gives personal consideration to support the needs and goals of others. A hard-working and visionary, who considers other’s ideas and builds upon them. Patient and poised in challenging situations. Very knowledgeable in the field of technology who provides creative solutions for improvements and to support business initiatives.

Open minded and supportive toward the ideals and goals of others. Focuses on people and not just the technology or the process. Able to bypass micro-managed environments by cutting through the red tape.


With 18+ years experience in the technology space, working in the automotive, hospitality and high education industries, Tim has taken on roles such as Interim CTO, technical architect, software engineer, system manager, application development manager, business analyst, project manager, application developer (C#, VB.NET, PHP and JAVA) and technical support technician.


Tim has a B.S. in Computer Information Systems Management and an MBA from Purdue University. He has also completed an International Business Practicum from Purdue University and is a Leadership Scholar, completed through Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Entrepreneur and Startups

Tim has worked with a number of startups companies as an organization leader and CTO helping them get lifted off the ground. Didgebridge, an interactive mobile video technology company that leverages Microsoft cloud technology, Azure, is the most recent startup he helped lift off the ground.

Personal / Interest

  • Teaching
  • Women in Technology supporter
  • Health and Fitness
  • Internet of Things
  • Business Intelligence

Favorite Teams

Tim Richardson
Tim RichardsonOn a International Business Practicum in Dubai (UAE) 2014

Born                 Timothy Richardson
Nationality    African/Black American
Alma mater   Purdue University
Occupation    Interim CTO, Software Engineer, Process Automation Specialist

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